How Can We Help Private Individuals?

We provide a town planning service for individuals or groups with particular planning concerns. These could relate to understanding:-

  • Whether a proposed extension to a dwelling needs planning permission?
  • Whether a development on a neighbouring property would adversely affect the amenity of your property?
  • Preparing Observations on a particular development proposal in order that your concerns are articulated in a manner that will be taken on board.
  • Assisting you to obtain planning permission for a development in your property.
  • Advising you on the planning process generally.

Obtaining planning permission for development is becoming ever more complex, and items that would have been perceived as relatively simple such as gaining planning permission for an extension, or adding a granny flat, or building a new house, can often be eased through the process by engaging the services of a planning consultant.

A consultancy service is specifically tailored to the circumstances of the development in question, and would consider aspects that you may not otherwise have been aware of:

  • There may be specific objectives in a Development Plan that need to be taken in to account.
  • Is there a need for a flood risk assessment? - introduced by the Minister in 2009
  • Is there a need for an appropriate Assessment, or a screening report to demonstrate that none is required? - subsumed into Irish Planning Law in the Planning & Development Act 2010
  • Do you meet the requirements of a Local Need Assessment in order to build your own house? Do you know what the requirements are for your area?
  • Is your site capable of accommodating the development you anticipate?
  • Is your planning application compliant with the Planning & Development Regulations?
  • Do you want a second opinion on the likely acceptability of your proposed development before you lodge an application for permission?
  • Will your proposed plans meet the standards required by the Development Plan for the area?
  • Does your proposed method of waste water treatment comply with the requirements of the Development Plan?

Your Planning Consultant can advise you on all of these matters and many more before you submit your planning application. This can save you considerable time and money tackling issues that could have been dealt with at the outset.

Stephen Little & Associates provide a full range of planning advice, and you may find we are more readily contactable than your local planning officer. Why not give us a call to see if we can help?