How Can We Assist Commercial Property Developers?

At Stephen Little & Associates, we have considerable experience of working with landowners and developers involved in medium to large scale commercial schemes; including with the Banks and Receivers.

The range of issues that may arise is quite large, but would include:-

  • Do you need assistance compiling a submission on a Draft Development Plan, or Local Area Plan?
  • Do you need assistance understanding the implications of a Core Strategy for the assets you control?
  • Do you have plans to acquire lands or property with development potential?
  • Do you already own land or property and needs to ensure that its value is maximised?
  • Do you need advice or assistance in relation to:
    • Clarifying the planning and development potential and/or constraints relating to your current property portfolio?
    • Clarifying the planning and development potential of lands which you may intend to acquire?
    • Identifying whether the building works you plan to undertake require planning permission?
    • The coordination / project management of building projects and design teams?
    • The preparation and lodgement of commercial planning applications (e.g. for housing, office, retail, industry, community facilities, sport/recreation, mixed use, etc.)?
    • Identifying and consulting with the relevant planning authority officials who will be adjudicating your planning application?
    • Obtaining an Extension of Duration for the permissions you have, but which are either not yet complete or commenced?

Stephen Little & Associates are experienced in all areas of planning and asset management. The planning system is continually changing. As chartered town planners we keep abreast of these changes and can provide appropriate advice as needs be. Up to date professional advice can help you to ensure that your development project is successful without undue cost or delay, thereby protecting and enhancing the value of your asset. Contact us today to see how we can help.