How Can We Assist Property Professionals?

Typically we would be asked by property professionals for advice in circumstances such as the following:

  • Do you need advice or assistance in relation to:
    • Clarifying the planning and development potential and/or constraints relating to your current property portfolio
    • Clarifying the planning and development potential of lands which you may intend to acquire
    • Identifying whether the building works you plan to undertake require planning permission
    • The coordination / project management of building projects and design teams
    • The preparation and lodgement of commercial planning applications (e.g. for housing, office, retail, industry, community facilities, sport/recreation, mixed use, etc.)
    • Identifying and consulting with the relevant planning authority officials who will be adjudicating your planning application
  • Have you encountered an unforeseen planning problem in an otherwise straightforward planning process?
  • Do you need someone to respond to objections raised by other parties?
  • Do you need to defend your existing asset against development proposals being made by others?
  • Does your client wish to extend the duration of an existing planning permission and needs to understand the process?
  • Do you or your client have plans to acquire lands or property with development potential?
  • Do you wish to know about the potential planning constraints that may impact upon a site's potential?
  • Do you need someone to prepare a specialist report for your development, such as an Environmental Impact Statement, or a Flood Risk Justification Test?
  • Would the advice of a planning consultant for just an hour or two be of assistance? - have a look at our planning health check service

In any of the above scenarios, and many more besides, Stephen Little & Associates provide a full range of planning services, why not give us a call today to see if we can assist.

Stephen Little & Associates have an established track record of providing high quality planning advice to many of the major names in the Irish development world. We are regularly contacted by architects, commercial real-estate agents, civil and structural engineers, project managers, and builders to provide them with advice on town planning issues.

Stephen Little & Associates can become involved at any stage in the planning process and can provide everything from a one-off opinion on development potential of a site, right though to a managed application service including project team co-ordination.